Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Soda Pdf Scams : Hot Pragni Sanghvi in Horny Look

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Soda Pdf Scams
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Soda Pdf Fraud Products : Check the Reviews Of The Customers

Dear Friends. 

Below I am going to show how Customers giving Worst Feedback of Soda Pdf products that brought from the Amazon.com

Please checkout carefully and be aware of these Frauds.

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Soda Pdf Fraudsters Team : Don't Buy their Softwares

Guys, Now I am going to Introduce the Soda Pdf Fraudsters Team

Soda Pdf Scams
Soda Pdf Scams
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Soda Pdf Scam : Please be aware of Soda Pdf Fraudasters

Soda Pdf Scams

Hello Friends 
I guess you heard about Soda Pdf, "its alternative in the PDF software world, t products are smart & simple " - This line said by Soda pdf but do you know as a customer what i feel there its totally waste of time and their customers supports sucks you :

Now, below I am going to mention why Soda pdf is a Scam and why should you avoid Using it ?

1. The most important they have worst customer supports who have full of attitude and they better know "How to insult any customer if you contact them".

2. Now, even ignoring their customer support if you buy their product then they 100% cheat you because non of the software given by them working on any operating system.

3. Even some software works then all the time it ask to pay to upgrade even you paid them and download, it means they have greed of money and due to their cunning strategy they want to trap their customers.

4. Again if you complain why such things happens with you even you paid them then " After 20 days they reply and they tell you its their Policies".So, guys beware of such fraudsters. Don't trust them

5. At last and the most they think by doing such scams they will success in their business but the fact this type of scam business will be soon shut down if customers will start sharing their fraud activities.

So, i hope you guys share this post as maximum as possible to protect your friends by enrolling in such scam software. Also, if anyone suffers then kindly inform me , together we will expose these fraudsters.